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STEP 1. Request a Canvas site for a Wharton course


Penn Canvas is available for any course offered in Wharton academic programs. Unfortunately, it's not possible to place a "standing order" for automatic site creation, so we do need to hear from the instructor for each semester in which a Penn Canvas course site is needed. Please feel free to contact the IDEA Courseware Team for advice and questions. We will be happy to meet with any Wharton faculty member who would like a Canvas introduction, refresher, or consultation.

The library has a "Site Request" form that will not work for Wharton courses. Instead, please email the Courseware Team with the following information to request a site:

  1. The course and section numbers.
  2. Any other instructors or TAs who need access. If possible, list a PennKey username for each. (No passwords, please.)
  3. What type of site you would like, plus the information we'll need to create the site to your specifications. Please see site types below. If you don't see a site type that looks right, please let us know what you have in mind.

What you get with each site type

Here is a quick summary.  For more information, see the text descriptions below the image.

A TEMPLATE Site is configured for use at Wharton but is otherwise empty.

This is for DIYers, although we're always available to assist you.

A STARTER Site notifies students of major course deliverables like papers and exams.

To create these assignments, we need information about them, either from a syllabus you provide or by some other means. If you elect to send information without a syllabus, we'll need:

  • Assignment names
  • Due dates and times
  • Submission type: on paper or online? If online:
    • Do you want to use Turnitin to check for plagiarism?
    • Do you want to restrict the file type?
    • If this is a non-standard assignment like a media or URL submission, there are other submission types available.  Feel free to inquire about these.
  • Optional: Maximum possible points (if you intend to return grades online)
  • Optional: A category into which this deliverable fits. Common categories are exams, papers, case write-ups, etc. Typically categories are also related to grade weight (for example, exams are 50% of the grade, papers are 30%, cases are 20%).

An ADVANCED Site is a Starter Site plus assignments for preparatory work.

Preparatory work includes readings to be done before class, case questions, and other work which is expected of students but is not submitted by them. We will also add Calendar events for special events like guest lectures, review sessions, and non-standard meeting times. The easiest way to request an Advanced site is to attach a finalized syllabus to your request. This can be a draft syllabus, but please understand that once we complete an Advanced site we do not have the resources to make further revisions should your syllabus change. We are happy to provide guidance so that you can make changes yourself.

A site COPY can be useful if you want to use one of your old Canvas sites as the basis for a new site.

Simply ask us to create the new site and let us know if you prefer to import content yourself, or if you would like us to help. For us to do the copying, we need to know which of your previous course sites you wish to copy. If you don't provide any other instruction, we'll do the following:

  • We'll copy Assignments, Pages, Files, Calendar Events, and Quizzes.  
  • Dated items will not be adjusted. This means you will need to check dates on all dated items.  If you ask us to copy Quizzes, please be aware that Quizzes carry their old dates with them, so they will be available immediately when you publish the course unless you adjust availability dates.  For an overview of all dated items, click the Syllabus link in the left Course navigation.
  • Files that were published in the old site will retain this published state in the new site. You will be responsible for reviewing all the contents in Files to make sure the material should be there.  You can unpublish files and folders prior to site publishing if you want to hide that content from students.

Copying other faculty members' sites requires their permission; an email of permission from the instructor of record for the old site will suffice. If you've received that permission email already, feel free to forward it to the Courseware Team along with your copy request.

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