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Managing signups for meals, office hours, presentation slots, and appointments

Adding more time slots

To add more time slots or meals to your appointment signup, first go to the Calendar, then:

  • Click one of the time slots you originally made available for sign-up.
  • In the Edit Event pop-up window, click the Group Details button.
  • In the Time Block fields, use the Date and Time Range boxes to add the date, start time and end time of the new appointment. Underneath that, add more dates and times; additional rows of entry blanks will appear as you add further appointments.
  • When you're finished making changes, press the Save button at upper right.
  • Students will be automatically notified of the newly available time slots based on their Appointment Availability notification preference (by default, an immediate email).

Sending a message to signed-up students

To send an Inbox message to users signed up for the appointment, click Message Students:

In the Message Students pop-up which appears next, type your message, then press Send. The message will go to the Canvas Inbox of the students who have signed up, and they will be notified about the message according to their notification preferences.

Reminding students to sign up

  • Click one of the time slots currently available for sign-up.
  • In the Edit Event pop-up window, click the Group Details button.
  • Scroll down toward the bottom and locate the Message Students button.
  • A pop-up window will appear with a list of "Users who haven't signed up". You can type and Send an Inbox message to them, or you can optionally use the provided drop-down to choose "Users who have already signed up" or "All users" (meaning both those students who have signed up, and those who have not).

Viewing, editing or canceling an appointment

Appointments appear on any view of an instructor's or TA's Calendar.  An appointment with no attendees appears "grayed out", or fainter; an appointment with signups will be bolder. By switching to the Agenda view of the Calendar, you'll get a list showing available appointments as well as the name of students who are already signed up. 

Click on a timeslot in any Calendar view to work with a specific appointment.

  • If you need to cancel this appointment, click the Delete button. If the cancelled appointment had attendees, they will be notified and will be free to reserve other available appointments.
  • Any of the attendees can be removed by clicking on the white 'x' next to the name.
  • To add details about a particular appointment, such as a special location, click Edit. Type in the details and click Update. This is currently the only available way to communicate a time change (that is, appointments cannot be moved to another date/time, short of deleting and recreating them).
  • To change the limit of students or groups who can sign up for this particular slot, click Edit, then check the box to Limit the slot to ___ users. Fill in a value and click Update.

Listing Signed-Up Students

To view or copy a list of all signups in a related set of appointments:

  • In the Calendar, click any time slot in this group of appointments.
  • In the Edit Event pop-up window, click the Group Details button.
  • Scroll down toward the bottom and locate the list of Appointments, located directly below the Message Students button.


By default, each student is notified of any changes or cancellations to appointments in courses (s)he takes, as well as any newly published appointment groups in those courses. Faculty and TAs can choose to be notified of student signups using the Student Appointment Signups notification preference.

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