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Use Wharton's Instruction Center to post final course grades


When it's time to submit final course grades, you will need to use Wharton's Instruction Center to submit course grades to the University and to report them to students.

Wharton's grading rules differ in the undergraduate and MBA programs - the tool in Instruction Center was written to accommodate those rules and can help you assign final grades appropriately. There is also a University of Pennsylvania practice that students can see their final course grade only after submitting a course evaluation. You're therefore advised by Wharton School administration not to post final grades anywhere but Instruction Center, which will send course grades to the University registrar. This also means you can ignore the "Publish Grades to SIS" button in the "Settings" area of your Canvas site, as it has no effect in our environment.

Where is Grade Submission in Instruction Center?

How do I use Grade Submission in Instruction Center?

The Courseware Team does not have access to this application. However, Instruction Center contains online help and an email address for more information.

Ok, so how does grading in Canvas fit in?

Many faculty use the Canvas Gradebook or Speedgrader to post scores for individual assignments. Note that the score shown in the "Total" column, at far right in the Gradebook, is by default not shown to students (see below). This does not mean that you cannot use the Canvas Gradebook to calculate final scores for your course if you like. It just means that students will not see the total score that Canvas calculates, and that the total score must be entered separately in Instruction Center, as Canvas and Instruction Center do not "talk" to each other.

You might also run across Grading Schemes in Canvas. These schemes have not been configured for Wharton's grading environment and do not represent any Wharton-specific grading standards.

Our default Canvas site setup supports these practices

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