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Use your Notification Preferences to set how Canvas notifies you of course events -- ASAP (near real-time), daily, weekly, or never. By default, all types of notifications will go to your University email address, but you may also receive notifications via additional email addresses, text messaging, or mobile "push" notifications on iOS or Android).

What are the default settings for Notifications?

As an instructor, you can expect that students will be notified ASAP about Announcements, Appointment Signups, and Grades you or your TAs post. By default, an ASAP notification will go to each student's default email address of record in the Penn Directory; however, students may choose to change to text or   Similarly, if another user sends you a message using Canvas, you will be notified ASAP about it (without being required to visit the Inbox).  Full details about Notifications default settings are available in the Canvas Notifications PDF.

Do I get a notification about Announcements I post?

By default, no; it is necessary to opt in to be notified as the creator of an Announcement. If you don't currently receive these notifications, update your notification preferences and choose your desired setting for the Announcement Created By You notification. Choosing ASAP for that type of notification will send you an immediate message in your chosen channel -- typically, an email message.

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