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Providing online feedback


When you're grading assignments in Canvas, you have access to a number of features that make it easy to provide feedback online -- without needing to collect or print out hard copy submissions. SpeedGrader can be used to provide feedback to students on graded assignments, discussions, and quizzes.

SpeedGrader tips

You can access SpeedGrader from the assignment, discussion, or quiz page, or from the GradeBook. SpeedGrader displays a preview of the submission, along with a timestamp of when the work was submitted. Grades can be entered directly into SpeedGrader 

  1. Be sure to mute the assignment before you begin providing feedback and grading in SpeedGrader.
  2. SpeedGrader can be set to hide student names in order to minimize bias in grading.
  3. If a student has resubmitted their assignment, the teaching team can see the current and any previous submissions. Students, however, can see only their most recent upload in Canvas, so be sure to mark-up only the current submission, or students won't be able to see your comments.
  4. Assignment comments will be saved automatically as drafts if you navigate away from SpeedGrader. When you return to the submission, you will be able to submit or delete the comment.
  5. DocViewer provides a toolbar with a number of annotation tools.
  6. If students need help locating your feedback in assignment comments, you can provide them with this link.

NOTE: The legacy SpeedGrader mobile app for iOS and Android has been replaced by the Canvas Teacher app.

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