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Class and schedule changes

What happens if you have your entire course laid out in Canvas and suddenly you need to make changes to accommodate a snow day or other unplanned event? Fortunately, Canvas makes it pretty easy to adjust existing dated content.  Follow the steps below to make changes and communicate with students.

Announce the schedule change

If the changes are due to an unexpected event like a snow day, you probably want to communicate with your students to let them know what to expect regarding pending classes and deadlines. You can do that with an email from Instruction Center-Email Tab or with an announcement in Canvas. The advantage to a Canvas announcement is that the information will stick around for later reference.

Check your Canvas Calendar or Syllabus

For a quick overview of dated items, you can check the Canvas syllabus or your Canvas calendar:

  • The Canvas Syllabus shows all your assignments and events on one page for a single course.
  • The Canvas Calendar can give you a weekly, monthly, or agenda (list) view across your current courses, including appointments for which students may sign up.

Make Calendar changes for events, assignments, and quizzes

When you change the date on an event or assignment, students receive a Canvas notification.

  • An easy way to change the date of a calendar item is to drag and drop onto a different day on the calendar (including the "mini-calendar" at top right). The time will be preserved. Note that if you are using availability dates, those will not be affected - you will need to check them and adjust them accordingly.
  • To change other details, such as name and location, you can click on the event to expose an editing dialog box.
  • To change descriptions and other properties that are not available in the dialog box, you can use the "More Options" button that appears in the dialog to get to the full event or assignment editing screen.

Making changes to appointments

If you're using the Calendar for meals or appointment sign-ups, you won't be able to drag and drop on the Canvas Calendar to change those. While you can't move scheduled appointments to new days or edit their dates/times, you can:

  • Add new time slots to an existing appointment group.
  • Delete existing time slots, even if students have signed up. Doing so notifies affected students so that they can sign up again.

Please see these steps for making changes to appointment signups

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